What do you think? Snazzy, huh?

For months, I have been working on a "secret project" that only a handful of people knew about. This website's "New Look" is a part of it. As much as I adore the old layout, my GF expressed her displeasure in the color scheme being too "Fisher Price". Fret not, because I just moved that layout over here. It has served me well, and it will continue to serve me in it's new home.
About that special project... Since 2017, I have been starting pre-production on a classic gaming vodcast (Video Podcast) that I'm looking to self publish. I've been spinning my wheels on this project due to societal pressures, college, and work. Since I was fired in March 2023, I've tried to get work in the broadcasting field. Unfortunately, I'm not the newsy kind of broadcster, and news is what brings in the money on local stations. Given that, I figured I'd try my hand at producing GOOD online videos to give myself on camera experience. The only thing I know is gaming (which, I know, there are ZILLIONS of gamers), so that will be the vodcast's main focus.
Somewhere Out There will still be published with new issues coming out in April, August, and December. There will be a printed version available to read inside San Antonio Public Library's downtown location, with other fine outlets that will be listed soon.