Hey now!

I'm Matthew Martinez!

I help broadcasters and civillians to put their vision on the air, or online!

I was a producer for the Austin Radio Network family of stations, joining in March of 2022.I was a disc jockey and on-air personality for San Antonio College's KSYM 90.1fm from 2012-2018.

After graduating, I worked as a sound and light board operator for three stand-up comedy performances at The Improv (Formerly Laugh Out Loud) Comedy Club in San Antonio, TX.

I started digitizing my home videos in 2013 as part of a YouTube series called The New Matthew Martinez Show.

I produced and co-hosted a traveling podcast called "Two Guys on the Move" from 2016-2018, that was distributed by Liberated Syndication (LibSyn). I operated the soundboard and cameras, as well as book venues for our podcast to record in.